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»  Slotracing !


35 m Length with various curves and different long straights demand a perfect timing of the accelerator and brake the car to keep on track. Concentration, inner calm and tactical discipline give the security, even more laps to be fast in the race on the road and more than 40. Is there anyway slip, the car with 2 m long Tongs itself put back into the tracks. Moreover, each car has its driving character. Depending on the manufacturer different engines are used: speed, power, translation vary from model to model and determine the behavior of the accelerator and brake. Just decide the height, width, length, weight, weight distribution, aerodynamics and tire condition driveability of a car, and thus the way a lap time comes about. A lot of sensitivity on the regulator and close observation of the car are necessary here.

And one should master a track, you practice the BACK RACE in the opposite direction
His driving skills or change to another of the three routes.

You are still of the opinion that all this is a no-brainer?
Then be welcome to make your class in an hour to the test, make your mark in this period in our record results and the thing is done for you for FREE.

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